Psss…..The secret of great tomato sauce

The tomato harvest

The secret for great tomato sauce:   Cook it for an exceedingly painful, long time and harvest the tomatoes when they are at their reddest, a bright lollypop type red.  It’s amazing the quantity of tomatoes needed to make enough sauce to feed our family and our guests for an entire year.  Thankfully, the fertile lands of S’Occhiaou were generous, giving us the best harvest we’ve had in the last couple of years, especially after last year when we didn’t make a liter of tomato sauce.  That’s why putting away something for the future is so important, even though we didn’t harvest a single tomato last year, the 20-30 bottles left over from the year before, were used a bit more cautiously this past year and still lasted all the way to this year’s harvest.  With God’s will, we will be able to make more this year to hold us over if need be in the years ahead.  We are stirring the sauce for you.  Want to come and give it a try yourself?

On occasion when I give my Italian students some good natured teasing about eating pasta everyday, they reply that no that’s not true that Italians eat pasta everyday.  One day spaghetti, one day pasta with white sauce, oreccini, pasta with zuccini, pasta with artichokes, pasta with broccoli, lasagna, ravioli, tortolini, noodles,,,,with more than hundreds of local pasta varities all through Italy I guess that means they could have a different type of pasta every day during the year.



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