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Wow, what an amazing two months in America that was.  It was the longest time that I have spent in the US for years and it gave us the chance to enjoy, at a slower pace, all the things and people we love in Virginia.  There was also time for Country Living School and promotional work.  We visited several schools on the east coast and we talked with students and faculty,  discussing future collaborations and ways to bring more people here to this remote corner of Europe.  I tried my best to share that the things taught here,  these skills and this type of lifestyle that we are blessed to live is something accesable to anyone, it’s possible to live another way, to find a different rythym, one that speaks more to your own spirit and to your talents.  On part of the American public, there was alot of interest in Sardinian food, old world lifestyles and the secrets of aging but I think that even more important is the ability of all of us to become more self-reliant.  Be it whatever it is, when you put your time into something for you, something you made for yourself: it’s benefits are so numerous and nutritious.  Its something all of us without doubt need in our life.  And it could be just growing your favorite hot peppers in pots on your balcony, or baking your bread at home or just cutting down on your trash by recycling, reuse, reduce…it fills us with something that makes us whole.  It fills us with something that makes us human.  It takes us back to the parts of life that have remained constant in the history of man since it’s appearance on earth.

I had the opportunity to speak to a Boy Scout troop from Columbia, SC.  I was honored to speak to these young men about their merit badge in sustainability.  Who knew they had a sustainibility merit badge?  Clearly, Boy Scouts motto “Be Prepared” or the creed “Leave no trace” are reflected in the theme of sustainable living.  When question time arose, it was a joy to see all these hands raising up ready to ask any off their head thing about animals and farm life.   Bread, cheese, meat production these guys were seriously curious.

We are also excited to collaborate with restaurants in our area of the Blue Ridge mountains and attempt in the future to host a Sardinian themed pop-up night with cheese and Sardinia wine.  I think it’s going to be fun to speak about our lifestyle here while sharing our fascinating Sardinian culture and food with the good people of Roanoke.   As you might know, Sara is also working to help the last weavers in her village and brought her first rugs to Roanoke this Christmas and is working hard doing everything she can to find the deserved recognition for these pieces of art tapestries.  Check them out at the Museum of Art, Copper and Weaving in Isili.

Back in Italy, we hit the ground running.  In order to have our exhibition and lodging space in a nearby town ready for spring/summer we are going to start renovating that belongs to a collaborator of ours in Isili.  We have put our current home on the market but until, we find our new location we are going to continue using La Casa Verde as our rural residence, the place where most of our food and crafts are produced and then have the house in the village that can host experiences this summer as well as guests, artists and volunteers.  It’s an exciting time for CLS Sardinia and we hope you come to be part of it!

We hosted two great world travelers-California immigrants Graham and Jessica, Jessica works in education and Graham has worked as a chef in some of the most interesting restaurants on the San Francisco scene and they have both taken travelling, getting a taste for the Blue Zone of Sardinia by themselves. We got some work done, had a great time and loved having their company here with us.  Thank you Graham for your recipes, I can’t wait to share them with family and guests this summer. I love it when visitors come from the States, it’s like through language, style and philosphies I am refreshed of all that I love about my native home.    I leave you with an old moroccan saying

Since the moutains never meet up men do…



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