Our groups can choose between a stay in a quaint hotel in town or charming bnbs located through the area.

Our food

Because of the importance that we give self-suffiency a large part of what we offer is prepared in our professional kitchen or from local producers of some of the world’s best quality wine, cheese, bread, vegetables and fruit. Genna specializes in the production of pasture raised meat, honey, baked goods, jams and natural juices. Our local partners have been passing on their traditions from generations and not only can you taste these first hand through our workshops you can have the chance to learn how to make them and pick up a skill or even a future profession through our personal training courses.

In addition to these group workshops we also some special activites to fill the week with remarkable experiences that combine the best our area has to offer. An example:

Visiting the Giara

Visit the park in Laconi

On the hunt for the mysterious Nuraghi

Take a look into the Paleolithic period

Go back in time to discover the fossils and origins of the place by taking a look into the Paleolithic period at the GEOPARC of Genoni

Italian Cooking Lessons

Pasta, cheese, bread, the perfect tomato sauce, sun dried figs, the menu is your place to discover and learn. Italian cooking lessons

Farm Time

Let’s roll up our sleeves. Each seasons brings its fruit and its labors. From planting the winter garden, spring harvests, olive oil, summer tomatoes, hoeing potatoes, wheat threshing… all an inside look in how food is produced and the work that makes it happen.

Visit to Sara’s family properties

Sara’s family owns lands that holds hundreds of years old olive trees, archaeological remains and a family that still unites around a table and a bbq that would love to welcome you to eat and share in the wealth of this land.