Language Learning

Language Learning

Through homestays with a family or as part of week long courses through the School of Country Living, learning Italian, if it’s of interst to you can be a fundamental and most rewarding part of your stay here.  It has been demonstrated that learning comes most of all when, like children, our bodies are doing something practical.  Gone are the days when the only way to learn was sitting in a classroom, working through a textbook.  With the Country Living School we open up a whole new world of language learning that makes it easier, more enjoyable and certainly more memorable. 

How do we teach at the School of Country Living?

You could learn through an interchange with local students. 

Doing something with your hands like a pasta workshop, as you smile and laugh around the word tagliatelle, a whiole new world opens up to the learner. 

While making cheese or learning how olive oil is harvested the secrets of this world are opened up to those who are brave enough to learn a new language and nothing could be more rewarding.  

Through effort, experience and hard work we continue to expand the change we want to see in the world through our School of Country Living.

So why the Country Living School?

It’s what we love in is this life…

Country… Campagna

Living… Vita

School… Scuola

Each one of our clients has a different reasoning for signing up for our courses. Someone my just need to take a break from a frenetic lifestyle, others might be interested to see for themselves what an alternative to a “normal” life might look like and make their own someday. Others might be interested in depth learning about some of the trades that are taught here. Whatever your motivation might be, we thank you for your interest and for the desire to continue and grow as individuals. Our dream is to give an example that it’s possible to live today without depending on a big corporation, exploiting the earth or being trapped in a job that we don’t like, all you need is a little bit of creativity, physical dedication and the space and time to dedicate it to yourself.