Healthy Living Workshops


Young and old today have a need to learn healthy lifestyle and alimentary habits in the face of a modernizing world that seems to have separated ourselves from what is most humane and natural in this world. The reinvigorating capability of sunshine, simple manual work, learning how to re-use one’s hands and the simple pleasures of following the seasons and the fruits and tasks that comes along with each one. These therapy workshops have shown to have great benefits and can remarkable change one’s lifestyle forever. The importance of experiencing this simple lifestyle cannot be overstated. It is the way that humans lived for thousands of years and that have only changed in the last fifty years.

A sample of a week long healthy living workshop

Eating healthy, real food

Harvesting almonds from the trees and breaking them with a rock and enjoying piece by piece in the shade

Planting fava beans together with otherwise and then enjoying a delicious meal together in the company of those who are working with you


Real physical work where you yourself are harvesting or working for your own food


With the disappearance of knowledge based on antique wisdom and traditions we are undoing the cords that at one time kept our communities together.  Before the arrival of mechanized agriculture, people inside of a community were united in a feeling and a necessity of reciprocal help. In order to work the land people needed one another and in virtue of this they were more likely to have behavior of a common respect and respect for the shared physical space and the survival of the entire community. Today, people feel disolcated from this dependance on reciprocal help and are led to pursue exclusively their own interest at the risk of sacrificing the common good.