Our growing list of courses:

Natural use of herbs

Come along with us as we walk the countryside, finding our prime uncontaminated sources of herbs and flowers that we then use to make beauty crèmes, herbal tinctures and teas. Learn how to find the herbs for cures for common colds, indigestion, high blood pressure, depression and much much more

Olive oil tour

Work alongside us in the months of October, November and December to have a once in a lifetime experience of harvesting your own olive oil. The days are spent under the olive groves in spectacular settings, a picnic lunch in the shade with all of the best that the land offers in October

Sardinian archaeology tour

Would you like to see some of the last primordial forests on the island, walk among ruins that stretch back to 4000 years ago… sacred wells, nuraghe literally at your finger tips

How to make cheese

Sardinia is home to some of the world’s best cheese. Well, you can try too and it doesn’t take more than a pot of warm milk and some rennet. Come learn from master cheese makers these age old secrets and return home with a suitcase of Sardinian cheese. Or just spend your days enjoying it right here with a glass of red wine

The tapestry that weaves the threads of life

Nearby Isili is home to one of the most reknowned museums of weaving and young people are working to keep this tradition alive and make a living for themselves

Making your own vegetable garden

For those who love to roll up their sleeves and rotate with the sun as you cut, plant and weed yourself to the best salad you’ve ever had. We have experience growing pretty much everything and would love to share this and much more with anyone interested

How to grow your own fruit orchard and take care of your own trees

Everybody loves fruit, so you can only imagine how important fruit trees are for a self-sustainable family. Through these trees you can see all of nature’s generosity. After you’ve had your full fresh off the tree, then make it into jam for the months when you’ll be without, you still are searching out friends and family to give away the rest of the trees generosity. In fact, here in Sardinia alot of times this is a common problem to have-the result is a constant sharing between friends and neighbors. We offer half-day and full day courses that can range from (depending on the period of year) planting, pruning to grafting

What's the buzz all about?

During certain parts of the year it’s possible to visit the bee hives and have a look at what the secret life of bees looks like. We can offer an insight into the lives of drones, worker bees and the queen herself. Accompanied by our guides you will be able to see for yourself the compostion of the hives and be able to identify the various members of the family and learn how to work inside a hive

Meat production

Learn how to raise for domestic use or for profit grass fed goats, ckickens and sheep producing a very high quality product, without harming the animal or the land. We not only give instructions on the ways to raise pastured animals, we also teach how to butcher and dress the animals for market

Healthy Living Workshops

Humbly and with purpose, we welcome those who need to come and live alongside us. We offer healthy living excursions for those in need to get their feet back on the ground from addiction, serious losses, get away from social media, telephones, work…
You can choose your own experience combining all tbe courses we provide and find something meaningful that will help you get back on course in your own life.
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Bread Making

Bread making is a very important part of life around here. We are honored to share the time preserved traditions of Sardinian bread making with our guests. Each student receives a piece of his very own sourdough starter to take back with him the secrets of the island as well as the possibilty to mill their own wheat and eat truly some of the world’s best bread

Italian Cooking Secrets

Learn not from the Italian chefs on tv but from real people who use simple and fresh ingredients to produce wholesome, delicious food. Cooking styles that can revolutionize your kitchen, provide healthy food and change not only your diets but your lifestyle and family time


You too can eat all year round on your own food, it’s just important to learn how to conserve it for when you are going to need it. Generations ago, it wasn’t necessary because these were parts of daily life but today that chain has been broken and we have to rely on supermarkets and international shipping. Once again we turn to that old Sardinian wisdom and learn from the generations that still carry the secrets from their grandmothers about how food was put aside to sustain a family.

Gathering wild food

Here in Sardinia, searching for wild food is everyone’s favorite pastime. Depending on the period of year, each Sardinian has their favorite period for “hunting” everything from wild asparagus, chicory and artichokes to dozens of varities of mushrooms and truffles. After a day walking outdoors enjoying collecting your food, we can show you how to come home and cook a delicious meal that is just filled with life, the taste of the pristine countryside that cover the island. No wonder it’s one of five of the world’s Blue Zones!

Cured Meats

Anyone who travels across Italy knows the outstanding quality of Italian cured meats. Learn from the pros, the characteristic, festive uncles and neighbors that don’t go a year without making all the bacon, salami, sausage and prosciutto that their family needs for the year. It has always been a job that the entire family performed together and it still is here in Sardinia. Come and see for yourselves how its done and you can carry on this generations old recipes yourself and produce your own cured meats