The Sarcidano   

This is the area in which La Casa Verde is located in the geographical region of Sardinia known as The Sarcidano.  In this huge valley created by the tabletop mountains of Laconi on the east and the Giara on the west, lies this part of Sardinia known for its abundant forests, great agricultural products and long standing traditions and festivals.  This is the zone between the plains of Cagliari, Il Campidano and the region of La Barbagia into the mountains.  The population is quite small for the size of the territory and at least half of the families here work in animal husbandry or in agriculture.  The cultural and artisanal traditions are widely respected and you can find cheese, vegetables, pasta and olive oil here that make this region not only an adventure for the eyes but also for the stomach.  With good reason, people here love to eat, to gather together with family and friends and enjoy the small pleasures of life in simplicity, with homegrown products and in nature.


During your stay you can choose how you would like to spend your time and what you’d like to see.  If you like to walk in the forest you can spend your days walking the great scenic trails nearby in Laconi.  If you are a climber there are world class climbing spots in Isili.  10 minutes away by car there is the Giara Plateau where you can see the wild horses and a great place to walk/bike/ or horse ride.  For archeological lovers the area is filled with nuraghes both explored and unexplored where you can piece together for yourself the history of this mysterious ancient civilization.  We have bikes available for rent for the use of our guests and you can explore for yourself the surrounding area.

The name of the town of Isili is thought to be derived from Ilienses and earlier Ilio, meaning inhabitants of Troy.  Whether or not this can be proved it is certain that the origin of the town is ancient indeed. The first traces of  the history of the town of Isili go back to the Neolithic period and it was an important site for the Roman empire as they established an important hub out of the strategic position the town holds over the valley of the Sarcidano.  There are several important nuraghes in the area, most notably nuraghe Is Paras which dominates the mountain side and seems to still be looking after the town even after more than 3,000 years since it was built. Isili is probably most famous for the excellent wine, oil, bread and cheese that is produced in the town and its deep cultural and artisanal heritage.  Below the town you can find the lake of Is Barrocus which holds not only a church from the 14th century on an island overlooking the lake but also some of the best climbing spots in all of Sardinia.  The peaceful nature of the town and its historic, cultural and gastronomical heritage make Isili a perfect base for the discovery of the island and a welcoming home for the students during their time in Italy.

In addition, any visit to the Sarcidano area must include a visit to the Parco Aymerich.  Located in Laconi, this green lung of the Sarcidano is one of Sardinia’s most famous parks.  Home to this beautiful waterfall and to a collection of trees from around the world, this park was originally the private garden of a Sardinian noble that was given to the town of Laconi along with the Palazzo Aymerich, which now hosts the Menhir Museum of Laconi.