Cured Meat Workshop

Anyone who travels across Italy knows the outstanding quality of Italian cured meats. Learn from the pros, the festive uncles and neighbors that don’t go a year without making all the bacon, salami, sausage and prosciutto that their family needs for the year. It has always been a job that the entire family performed together and it still is here in Sardinia. Come and see for yourselves how its done and you can carry on this generations old recipes yourself and produce your own cured meat.

Our cured meat workshop is only performed during the winter, ideal period for curing. We will guide you through the process of the meat according to family traditions that have been passed down for generations.

The preparation of cured meats are done in the winter, in the coldest part of the year, where the risk of alterations in the meat are least likely. The methods we use have been passed down from father to son and aside from being an artisinal craft also bring out the tastes of the quality of our local meat. We normally prepare sausage, prosciutti, bacon and pork cold cut.

The workshop lasts around 3 hours.

Each participant will recieve a recipe list so as to not forget the doses, very important!
The workshop includes also a wine and prosciutto tasting.
We recommend booking as far ahead as possible to give us time to get the necessary cuts of meat.