Natural Cosmetics Workshop

Natural Cosmetic Workshop in Sardinia


Natural cosmetics

Abstract:  Our natural cosmetic workshop includes the preparation of cremes and soap using only natural ingredients.  Thanks to the use of herbs and flowers our workshop includes the creation also of excellent oil salve for common skin problems.  If you want to know more click here!   

Natural cosmetics are free of harmful substances like parabens, silicons, petrol-derived substances and another substances that are damaging for our skin, which are found in so many beauty products.  

 Our natural cosmetics, here at The Country Living School, are only made with natural ingredients that we produce ourselves, like organic beeswax, extra virgen olive oil, sunflower oil and are enriched with the powerful healing benefits of some wild plants.  On top of this they are respectful of the environment because they create trash and they are excellent remedies  and most of all they are relatively simple to make.  Our natural cosmetics can be made in a simple kitchen with the same instruments use for making food.  

The workshop of natural cosmetics is available throughout the year.  During the summer, we collect the flowers that are used to prepare oil salve and alcoholic tinctures, in particular Italian strawflower and St. John’s wort. These salves are the base of the ingredients of our cremes and serve to prevent psoriasis, dermatitis, burns and dry skin.  

During the workshop our natural cosmetics we will talk about the properties of the plants that we use, their use and indications.  

Our workshop includes the preparation of 

  • Salves made with bees wax and the use of each herbal infused oil relative to the properties of the given herb (estimated time 25 minutes)  
  • Oil based cremes, beeswax and water (estimated time 15 minutes)  
  • Hydro-alcoholic tinctures (propolis, Italian strawflower, St. John’s Wort, echinecea) and an explication of each plant and it’s properties (demonstration and explanation of its uses – estimated time 20 minutes)
  • Lip Balm (preparation and packaging in sticks of 5,5 ml – estimated time 15 minutes)
  • Natural deodorant made with creme with baking soda and karite butter (estimated time 15 minutes)
  • Preparation of natural soap made with olive oil with a cold based process (Estimated time 30 minutes)

There will be snack offered during the morning made with our own natural, delicious products.  

It’s possible to choose the workshop that you would like and according to the number of participants and the duration determines the price.  Click here for information  


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