Who We Are

Meet our team


Who makes the Country Living School Sardinia special?  We do!   A diverse group of professionals who have different skills but a unified dedication to helping others find the skills inside of themselves to feel happy, self sufficient and healthy.  


Sara Pisci is the co-founder of the Country Living School and a native Sardinian.  She holds a master and a B.A. from the University of Urbino, Italy and a master degree from the Universidad de Granada.  She is the day to day program manager of the CLS and she is our resident expert on all things cultural and social here in Sardinia.  She is an expert on wild herbs and plants and with these she makes her cremes and soaps.  Her passions are looking for wild asparagus, beekeeping, weaving and sharing her experiences with others.


James Grove is a native Virginian, a  graduate of USC (2004) and has a masters in International Cooperation from the Universidad de Granada.  After years teaching english and working in his field of study he decided to discover the origen of the food he eats and the journey still hasn’t finished after eight years. Along with his wife Sara, they created the Country Living School Sardinia in 2017 and are spreading the word about Sardinia and bringing the island into contact with the world.  His passions are gardening, making bread, carpentry, natural building and animal husbandry.


Born in Isili, Sardinia Laura has a degree from the university of Rome.  Trained in classical dance, she’s an artist at heart in every sense.  She loves singing, dancing and theatre.  Today she mixes all three together in her job as an english language teacher in Barcelona.  It was a study abroad experience in Iowa when she was 16 that opened her heart to the world and changed her life.  Through Genna and the Country Living School, she now wants to work to bring the world to Sardinia and share the beauty and charms of the island with others, combining her skills, arts and passions with Sardinian hospitalty,

Mauro Negroni

Mauro has been making knives for the past twenty years and before that he was a succesful bassist and music instructor.