What We Do

So why the Country Living School? 


It’s what we love in is this life….

Country…that natural world that seems to be even more precious and necessary today and which is the origin and root of all of us. 


Living….life is beautiful, it’s precious, in unique.  Being mindful of each of our lives is one of the most powerful tools we can all have to make us happier and live better lives.  By getting back to the simple parts of life we can improve our quality of life and come to understand problem and difficulties that normally seem overwhelming. 


School….because if it weren’t for learning, this life wouldn’t be worth living.  It’s the fact that we learn in our lives that makes everyday interesting, it’s what holds our interest and gives us gratification.  Our lives should be a constant learning experience and that’s why we honor this belief but creating our own “school.” 


The Country Living School was born out of the interest and results that we witnessed when people came to visit the project of self-sustainability that we started eight years ago.   It was thanks to the fusion with the association Genna that the project could begin and we could accept our first series of guests.  Each member of our team brings something special.  More biographies to come! 

We also are able to offer unique experiences to those who participate because of our ability to connect local experts with interested participants.  This is one of our strengths and we are happy to do so, sharing this important knowledge that is disappearing is one of our goals along with the association Genna and can mean alot to local people who aren’t able to give an outlet to their knowledge and of course economically as your contribution helps keep these dying villages alive.