Weekend digital detox

Humbly and with purpose, we welcome those who need to come and live alongside us. We offer healthy living excursions for those in need to get their feet back on the ground from addiction, serious losses, get away from social media, telephones, work…
You can choose your own experience combining all tbe courses we provide and find something meaningful that will help you get back on course in your own life.

Weekend digital detox

Country Living School offers whoever wants to turn off for a weekend, leaving behind normal routines, work and daily obligations. For this we offer weekend but also longer stays, to whoever wants to immerse themselves in nature.

We offer:

Hiking excursions accompanied by a guide in our region, Il Sarcidano a place with rare and precious beauty, we will learn to know the plants and the mushrooms that surround us.

Yoga class: weather permitting, you can get the day started off with some light or demanmding yoga postures. This permits you to equilibrate and regenerate your energy.
Spend time outdoors taking advantuage of the several workshops that we offer for you and your family
Detox summer camps and english and italian courses(for teenagers)

Summer techno-detox camps with the chance to improve your english or your Italian, are open to people of all ages, nevertheless they have been created out of the need for young people to turn off their phones and do something tangible and real with their hands. The detox summer camp offers a healthy diet made principally with homemade food, in addition each participant is asked to use their phones only at night during rest times so that they can fulfiily benefit and experience from the daily activites and tasks at hand as well as find independence from dependence on video games, chats and social media. During the day only english will be spoken (with a native speaker) or in Italian (with a native speaker).

Typical day:

8:00 breakfast
9:00 take care of the animals (chickens, chicks, goats and domestic animals)
10:00 morning activity (bread making, hand made pasta, harvest wild herbs and flowers, work in the vegetable garden, ect)
11:30 Cooking class
12.30 lunch
Free time
16.30 english/italian lesson
17.30 guided afternoon tour (excursions, museums and famous sites, sport activity)
20:00 dinner

After dinner activity, board games and sharing time