Bread Making

Bread making is a very important part of life around here. We are honored to share the time preserved traditions of Sardinian bread making with our guests. Each student receives a piece of his very own sourdough starter to take back with him the secrets of the island. At the Country Living School you even have the possibilty to mill your own wheat and eat truly some of the world’s best bread.

We take a lot of pride in our bread, believe it’s rich health benefits and there is never a meal where we sit down where there isn’t any bread. This is one of the most healing and nurturing workshops because the tactic pleasure of touching the bread transforms the experience into a distraction and somewhere to concentrate our energy in addition to being the backbone for our existence. Flour, a little bit of water, sourdough yeast is all that it takes and it gives us bread that is diverse as our planet Earth.

The bread making workshop lasts one to two hours and includes the following:

A brief introduction into flour, its components, various derivatives and how different types of flour are made.

A demonstration for how to prepare the sourdough starter so as to permit the student to recreate the sourdough at home

Techniques of how to make a delicious sour dough bread in a natural way avoiding the use of brewer’s yeast.

Introduction into the use of a wood-fired bread oven

A sampling of some of the different delicacies from the Country Living School