Beekeeping Workshop

Beekeeping Workshop in Sardinia

Abstract: The thrill of opening a bee hive for the first time and see exactly what’s going on inside. Thanks to our bee keeping workshop you will emerge yourself both theoretical through knowledge of the species as well as hands on practice and discover together what goes on inside.

I have been working with and alongside the bees for ten years and I still can’t get over their health benefit and the incredible life lessons that they share with us. Thanks to this workshop I can transmit to my participants all of my passion for this precious, tiny insect.

A proper beekeeping course would require several full day workshops which we normalize organize in the spring when the bees are waking up from their winter’s rest. But this kind of one-day workshop is a perfect way to get a feel for the bees and having an idea for what it’s like to be surrounded by a buzz, a divine vibration.

A beekeeping workshop lasts an entire day: in the morning we start off with a theoretical lesson in the morning, with a pause tasting some of the delicicies of the bees, we would get to know their complex social structure, the various roles inside the hive and their ways of communicating, searching for food etc…In the afternoon we put into practice what we learned in the morning visiting them first hand.

This beekeeping workshop is open also to children five years and older.

We provide all the necessary equipment and gear so that you can visit the bees in total tranquility and safety.